UK and Irish Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet

RadioFeeds on Other Devices

RadioFeeds UK & Ireland strive to allow listening to the stations listed in our directory on as many different platforms as possible.
Here is a range of devices you can currently listen on. Some links can only be opened by the actual device.


Apple iPhone Android (Google) Windows 10 Mobile (Microsoft) Windows Phone 7.5 (Microsoft) BlackBerry 10 (RIM)

Tablets and Netbooks:

Apple iPad & iPod touch Android (Google) Chromebook (Google) Windows RT (Microsoft) BlackBerry PlayBook (RIM)

Desktop Internet Radios:

Internet Radio
Frontier Silicon-based
Internet Radio
Logitech Squeezebox and UE Smart Radio Freecom MusicPal

Games Consoles and Smart TVs:

Xbox One (Microsoft) Nintendo Wii Sony PlayStation 3 Smart TVs (Flash) Smart TVs (HTML5)

Legacy PDAs and Smartphones/Feature phones (support may have expired if additional software is required):

Windows Mobile
Pocket PC (Microsoft)
Palm PDA Nokia Symbian S60 3rd Edition Windows Mobile 2003/5/6 (Microsoft) BlackBerry
(original series)

Important: Not all devices support all audio formats and streams.