UK and Irish Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet

RadioFeeds Website Info Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the recommended players for this website for desktop and laptop computers?

A. Winamp for Windows PCs and VLC media player for Macs and Linux. Windows Media Player and iTunes may be able to play some streams, but may not be reliable at playing all the streams available on RadioFeeds.

Q. What other platforms do you support?

A. iOS, Android (with a third party player such as XiiaLive installed), BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 7.5 (partial support for 8), ChromeOS, Windows RT, BlackBerry Playbook and Sony PS3 (but not PS4). Going to the RadioFeeds website from the web browser on these devices will point you to the appropriate pages.

We also have a directory available to use for Reciva Radios, Logitech Squeezeboxes / UE Smart Radios and Freecom MusicPals. Frontier Silicon radio users can make use of our station addition tool. Nintendo Wii users can install our Homebrew app.

We don't actively support legacy platforms, but they are still available to use provided the software is still installed: Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) (with TCPMP installed), Palm OS (with Kinoma Player installed), Nokia Symbian S60 (with Kinoma Play installed) and BlackBerry Curve/Bold/Storm (with WunderRadio installed). Please get in touch for more info on these.

Q. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire also serves Peterborough. Why do you only show it as only broadcasting to Cambridge?

A. You will usually only see this happen when the station involved has local opt-outs, i.e. split-programming that's only available on certain frequencies or platforms. We detail the version of the station output that is being streamed on the internet. This is shown specifically so visitors can understand their disappointment at not being able to listen to a programme that is not available on that particular platform.

Q. What do the three letters in the square brackets mean?

This is the unique code allocated to all the streams we list on RadioFeeds. You can use these codes to search quickly for a particular station on the mobile versions of our website. You can also use this code to enter into a web browser in conjunction with our shortURL address "", i.e. to be directed efficiently to the stream that's suitable for the device you're using.

Q. Capital (London) is also available on DAB Digital Radio, Freeview and on Sky. Why don't these show on the list of locations?

We only show the location(s)/platform of the station's primary target audience. This usually comes in this order of importance: Terrestrial Analogue (FM/AM), Terrestrial Digital (DAB), Digital Television (Freeview/Sky/Cable).

Q. Sabras Radio also streams in RealPlayer and Windows Media formats according to their website. Why do you only list them in the mp3 section?

Even though the station website may advertise their streams as being available in Real and Windows Media, the streams are actually all in SHOUTcast/Icecast format, i.e. streaming mp3. These mp3 streams are forced to open in either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player by the website links, (it just so happens that RealPlayer and Windows Media Player supports the playing of some of these types of streams). We would always recommend using Winamp / VLC media player to listen to these types of streams.

Q. I'm trying to listen to a stream but:
1a. My computer has thrown up an error saying the stream can't be found/played.
1b. My web browser has given me a "404" error.
1c. My media player has given me a "400" or "401" error.
2a. My media player appears to play it, but all I'm getting is silence or a low hum.
2b. I'm getting fuzzy distortion on top of the audio.
2c. The audio is so quiet / silent that I can hardly hear it.
3. My web browser just shows me a blank page.

A. It's likely the stream has a problem. Report it to us and we'll investigate! It may also be that you're listening from outside the UK and the stream is blocked to you due to rights issues. In the meantime, you could see if the station also streams in other formats: there's always the chance alternative streams will still work.

Q. I'm trying to listen to a stream but it keeps buffering and/or breaks up.

A. There appears to be a bandwidth bottleneck somewhere, either at the station end or at your end. Try again another time.

Q. I run a professional internet radio station that's based in the UK or Ireland. How do I get my station listed?

A. Come take a look at

Q. You don't have Radio Verulam, Radio Wey or URN, etc.. listed!

A. Have you looked in the Community Radio section of the website? Please note RSLs (temporary stations), hospital radio stations, student radio stations and pirate radio stations are not listed. The exception to this is if they are broadcasting on a community radio licence or on DAB.

Q. Why don't you list RSLs?

A. RSLs are generally only on the air for 28 days or so, and we don't have the time to identify all the current RSLs who are also streaming on the net. By the time we've found them all, most will probably be off the air.

Q. I'm an Indie artist in the US who is hoping to get radio airplay in the UK. Would you be interested in receiving my CD and maybe giving it some air play?

A. Err..... no. We only play quality music at our "station".. obviously(!)