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Last updated: 23/09/2014

Here at RadioFeeds UK & Ireland, we realise that a lot of our visitors have certain roles at UK and Irish-based radio stations. Only a small handful of these stations do not yet have streaming facilities in place. So that is why we've decided to help out a bit, in order to encourage all UK and Irish radio stations to stream on the WWW. Below we have listed a few stream hosting providers, all who currently have roles in streaming the stations listed on RadioFeeds UK & Ireland. We hope you will find this information useful, and that it will eventually lead to your station's output having a presence on the Internet.

Please note the prices and details shown on this page may be inaccurate and/or out of date, so please check with the streaming provider before placing any orders with them. Also, RadioFeeds cannot accept any responsibilities for external services mentioned on this page. We do not endorse them or make any recommendations. The descriptions and claims on this page are based on those given to us by the streaming providers themselves.

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Sharpstream (Radica Broadcast Systems)

Streaming.. Amrit Bani, Banbury Sound, 102.1 Bay Radio, BFBS Radio, BFBS Gulf Service, BFBS Ghurka Service, 106.3 Bridge FM, CFM, Clare FM, Clyde 1, Clyde 2, Cool FM, Dee 106.3, Desi Radio, Downtown Radio, Feile FM, Forth One, Forth 2, Hallam FM, heat radio, The Hits, Juice 107.2, 99.8 KCLR 96FM, Kerrang! Radio, Kestrel FM (Basingstoke), Kestrel FM (Haslemere), Key 103, KFM, Radio Khushkhabri, Kingdom FM, KISS (UK), KISSFresh, KISStory, kmfm, Magic 105.4, Magic 828, Magic 999, Magic 1152 (Manchester), Magic 1152 (Tyne & Wear), Magic 1161, Magic 1170, Magic 1548, Magic AM (Yorkshire), Manx Radio AM, Manx Radio FM, Metro Radio, MFR, MFR Two, Mid West Radio, Midlands 103, Nation Radio, NME Radio, Northsound 1, Northsound 2, Oak FM, Oban FM, Ocean FM, Original 106 (Aberdeen), Planet Rock, Premier Christian Radio, Premier Gospel, 96.3 Radio Aire, Radio Borders, 97.1 Radio Carmarthenshire, Radio City 96.7, 102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire, RedFM, Rock FM, 107.1 Rugby FM, 97.5 Scarlet FM, Silk 106.9, Solar Radio, Sout-al-Khaleej, Spectrum Radio (AM), Spectrum Radio (DAB), Spectrum Radio (Sky), Sukh Sagar Radio, Sunrise FM, Tay AM, Tay FM, 96.6 TFM, 96.2 Touch FM, 101-102 Touch FM, 102 Touch FM, 107.3 Touch FM, UCB Bible, UCB Gospel, UCB Inspiration, UCB UK, Viking FM, Wave 105, WCR AM, West FM, West Sound AM, West Sound Radio, WLRfm.

Sharpstream is not an ISP or an IT services company that provide media streaming as a secondary service. Instead, they are a company of dedicated broadcast media professionals who just happen to understand the Internet and how it interacts with broadcast sound and video. This enables them to adopt a fresh approach and deliver a unique solution to your content delivery requirements.

Sharpstream Limited
10 English Business Park
English Close
East Sussex

Tel: 0333 700 2468 / 0800 999 2468
Fax: 0333 600 2469


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Streaming.. 96FM, The Beach, The Breeze (Andover), The Breeze (Basingstoke & North Hampshire), The Breeze (Bath), The Breeze (Bridgwater & West Somerset), The Breeze (Bristol), The Breeze (Cheltenham & North Gloucestershire), The Breeze (East Hampshire & South West Surrey), The Breeze (Frome & West Wiltshire), The Breeze (Newbury), The Breeze (North Dorset), The Breeze (North Somerset), The Breeze (Portsmouth), The Breeze (Southampton), The Breeze (Winchester), The Breeze (Yeovil & South Somerset), C103, Dream 100, FM104, Free Radio (Birmingham), Free Radio (Black Country), Free Radio (Coventry & Warwickshire), Free Radio (Herefordshire & Worcestershire), Free Radio (Shropshire), Free Radio 80s, Gem 106, Imagine FM, 106 Jack FM (Bristol), 106 Jack FM (Hampshire), 107 Jack FM, 107.6 Juice FM, Live 95FM, NECR, North Norfolk Radio, Norwich 99.9, Palm 105.5, Peak FM, The Pulse, Pulse 2, Q102, Signal 1, Signal 2, Signal 107, Swansea Sound, talkSPORT, Tower FM, Town 102, Radio Tyneside, Radio Wave 96.5, The Wave, Wave 102, Waves Radio Peterhead, U105, Wire FM, Wish FM.

Radiomonitor's media and data capture expertise is ideally suited to online media applications. From automated podcast generation fully configurable multisource webradio, if you need bespoke ultra-reliable media capture and broadcast, look no further.

Radiomonitor Ltd
84 Springbank Road
SE13 6SX

Tel: 020 7060 5000


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Canstream (Community Media Association)

Streaming.. 10Radio, ALL FM, Radio Asian Fever, Asian Star 101.6 FM, Awaz FM (Glasgow), BANG Radio, BCB 106.6fm, BCfm, Betar Bangla, Black Diamond FM, 96.5 Bolton FM, BRfm (Blaenau Gwent), BRFM (Sheppey), Bute FM, Canalside Community Radio, Castledown Radio, Celtic Music Radio, Crescent Radio, Cuillin FM, Dawn FM, Diverse FM, Diversity FM, Drystone Radio, EAVA FM, Erewash Sound, Radio Essex, 103 The Eye, Raidió Fáilte, Future Radio, Gaydio, Glastonbury FM, Hayes FM, Hermitage FM, Radio Ikhlas, Inspiration FM, Inspire FM, Radio Jcom, Leith FM, Lionheart Radio, 107 Meridian FM, North Manchester 106.6, Oldham Community Radio, Phoenix FM (Halifax), Preston FM, Pulse 98.4, Pure 107.8 FM, Raaj FM, Reprezent 107.3, Resonance104.4fm, 94.4FM Salford City Radio, Radio Scilly, Seaside FM, Sheffield Live!, Skyline Gold 102.5FM, soundart radio, The Source FM, Speysound Radio, Stroud FM 107.9, Takeover Radio 103.2, Takeover Radio 106.9, Tameside Radio, Radio Teesdale, Two Lochs Radio, Uckfield FM, Unity FM (Birmingham), Unity101 Community Radio, Radio Verulam, 103.9 Voice FM, Wythenshawe FM, Youthcomm Radio.

At Canstream, they are community broadcasters themselves. They know how exciting it is to run your first RSL, and they have supported the community radio sector since the first days of Access Radio. They have been delivering on-demand media for community broadcasters before podcasting was invented. By choosing Canstream, you will know that you have the support of a dedicated technical team with more than 10 years experience of streaming media provision for the community broadcasting sector. Their advice and support package is second to none, and they include the option of remote assistance.

Community Media Association
15 Paternoster Row
S1 2BX

Tel: 0114 279 5219
Fax: 0114 279 8976


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Streaming.. 105.9 Academy FM, 107.8 Academy FM, 107.8 Arrow FM, Ashbourne Radio, Bright FM, 103.1 Central FM, Fire Radio, High Peak Radio, Isle of Wight Radio, Jazz FM, Radio Plus, Sovereign Radio, 107.7 Splash FM, Vixen 101.

Impishfish are not in the business of being a "streaming provider". They like to do more than that as they're radio people who understand the pressures of commercial radio. They'll set up your encoders, host the stream and provide you with a fully licenced Flash plugin to drop into your website ready to go. Nothing complicated - end to end, your radio station delivered on the web. Plus they'll give you the various flavours of links to get your stream hosted on a variety of mobile app providers; a link to natively listen to the stream in Safari on iOS devices without using Flash; and as many bitrate variations as you need. They won't limit your concurrent listeners except by the maximum their servers can deliver and they'll send you a monthly report. If you don't already stream on the web, or you think you might be paying too much (in which case you probably are) then get in touch. Discounts for annual signups and for people who send cakes.

Oh - and they'll give you a hefty discount on their AirSnoop software as well, in case you need "metadata" - or, to you & me - song titles - delivered - sorry, displayed - on your online streams or webpages. See - end to end. No messing about.

Impishfish Ltd
1 Russett Meadows
Appletree Road

Tel: 01725 578123


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The Planetwide Radio Company Limited

Streaming.. Compass FM, Dearne FM, KCFM, Lincs FM 102.2, Panjab Radio, Ridings FM, Rother FM, Rutland Radio, Trax FM, TWR UK.

The Planetwide Radio Company was set up in 2000 to provide dedicated streaming media services tailored specifically for the UK’s commercial radio industry. PWR is in a unique position. Its sister company is the UK leading developer of broadcast software which means that from day one, Planetwide Radio have had a deep understanding of both the radio industry and PC based technology which has allowed it to offer the level of service radio needs at a cost that is realistic. PWR is now one of the UK’s leading streaming media providers processing over 35 terabytes of data and delivering around 3.6 million listener hours every single month (based on an average 22k Windows Media stream).

The Planetwide Radio Company can offer streaming services in Windows Media or MP3 formats and have a range of packages to suit stations of all sizes. Encoding can be done at the stations site with connection to their servers via a permanent Internet connection (such as leased line or ADSL) or a dial up connection. They can also offer customers broadcasting on Sky or terrestrial radio available in their area, centralised encoding at their East Yorkshire facilities.

Planetwide Radio offers a full range of services ranging from simple streaming provision through to completely managed, branded radio services.  The price guide below is intended to act as a guide to the costs of streaming media using

All of the packages below include PWR Gatekeeper service free of charge. This allows you to block access to your stream by country location (us IP lookup).

Starter Package - T50L

Streaming Rate: 24Kbps (WMA or MP3)

Peak Level Listenership: 50

Price Per Calendar Month: £35 + VAT


Starter Package - T50

Streaming Rate: 32Kbps (WMA or MP3)

Peak Level Listenership: 50

Price Per Calendar Month: £50 + VAT


Start 2 Package - T100

Streaming Rate: 32Kbps (WMA or MP3)

Peak Level Listenership: 100

Price Per Calendar Month: £100 + VAT


Mid Package - T200

Streaming Rate: 32Kbps (WMA or MP3)

Peak Level Listenership: 200

Price Per Calendar Month: £200 + VAT


Mid 2 Package - T500

Streaming Rate: 32Kbps (WMA or MP3)

Peak Level Listenership: 500

Price Per Calendar Month: £500+ VAT


High Package - T1000 Server

Streaming Rate: 32Kbps (WMA or MP3)

Peak Level Listenership: 1000

Price Per Calendar Month: £800 + VAT


High Package - T2000 Server

Streaming Rate: 32Kbps (WMA or MP3)

Peak Level Listenership: 2000

Price Per Calendar Month: £1500 + VAT


High 2 Package - T4000 Server

Streaming Rate: 32Kbps (WMA)

Peak Level Listenership: 4000

Price Per Calendar Month: £2300 + VAT

Please note that larger packages are available upon request. All prices are based on a 12 month contract. Graphical statistics available on all packages for a small fee. Redundant server options available.

For more information how Planetwide Radio Company can help you reach your audience Planetwide, speak to Liam Burke or David Boulton today.

The Planetwide Radio Company Limited
1-2 Maritime House
Maritime Business Park
Livingstone Road
East Yorkshire
HU13 0EG

Tel: 01482 350 750
Fax: 01482 350 751


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Streaming.. Drive 105, Sunshine Radio (Herefordshire), Sunshine Radio (Shropshire).

Easystream believe that audio and video make the internet come alive! Whether you want to add some clips to your home page, broadcast a live gig or develop a streaming radio station, Easystream have the package that will enable it to happen and at a price that may surprise you.

Streaming with Easystream need not be a painful or complicated procedure, they offer..

Unlimited Peak Users:
Up to 2GB monthly: £15 per month
Up to 5GB monthly: £30 per month
Up to 10GB monthly: £50 per month

Or rather than tell you what bitrate you might want, check these raw prices:

1Mbps £70.00 per month
5Mbps £300 per month
10Mbps £500 per month
100Mbps £1200 per month
1000Mbps £POA

Easystream Inc.
127 Rose Street South Lane

Tel: 0131 225 7470
Fax: 0131 202 0676

Website: /

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Streaming.. KCLR 96FM (Carlow), KCLR 96FM (Kilkenny), Penistone FM, Phoenix FM (Brentwood), West Limerick 102.

Established in 2004 Wavestreaming has grown into one of the biggest online radio broadcasting powerhouses, serving millions of listeners per day. Wavestreaming holds an independently monitored 99.9% average uptime, across their large network of servers.

Wavestreaming offers some of the best features and technology available, based from offices in Manchester they have an in-house team of experts constantly updating their products and services frequently to provide customers with only the best.

- 6 year uptime record of 99.9%
- From small to large radio stations
- UK and USA server locations
- Excellent support and self-help resources

Live Streaming Packages:
SHOUTcast L - £18.33 / month
SHOUTcast XL - £30.97 / month
SHOUTcast XXL - £62.57 / month

Wavestreaming HQ
3rd Floor, Pleer House
1 Fennel Street
M4 3DU

Tel: 03333 440 830


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Stream UK

Streaming.. BBC World Service.

Since 2001 Stream UK has been providing businesses worldwide with reliable, professional level tools to manage and distribute multimedia content over the internet. The company is industry-leading, privately held, Microsoft Gold Partnered, ISO 9001 approved with offices in London, Madrid and Rome.

They now are the largest independently owned streaming company in the UK and their radio streaming clients include GMG Radio Group and BBC World Service. They stream Flash, Windows and Quicktime to all platforms including iPhones, iPads, Nokias and Internet radios.

Their products include Stream Connect - an enterprise level webcast administration tool. In addition, they have two core services:

Webcasting - Their clients include ABNAmro, Pepsico and Yahoo!
Encoding - fast, high quality, de-interlaced, optimised encoding.
Contact them to talk with a single account manager who will work with you to engage and deliver digitally.

Stream UK Media Services Ltd
1 Water Lane

Tel: 020 7419 1820
Fax: 020 7419 1819


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Streaming.. Galway Bay FM.

OK, these "guys" aren't actually based in the UK - they're from across the pond. But their streaming costs are so dirt cheap that I just had to list them. There's definitely no excuse for not streaming you smaller stations now!

StreamGuys supports all major formats for live or on-demand delivery. Their services are flexible to meet the needs of the broadcaster. They also provide fully managed dedicated server and server collocation services.

StreamGuys offers geo-targeting solutions that allow broadcasters to continue to stream content and remain in compliance with UK licensing laws.

To figure your cost for a live streaming channel multiply the number of maximum concurrent users you choose to support by the dollar amount associated with your desired bit rate. For On-Demand streaming just add the cost of your storage requirements.

$1/concurrent users/month up to 24kbps
$2/concurrent users/month up to 56kbps
$3/concurrent users/month up to 80kbps
$4/concurrent users/month up to 128kbps

If you are considering video streaming then they recommend the birates displayed below:
$6/concurrent users/month up to 192kbps
$8/concurrent users/month up to 256kbps
$12/concurrent users/month up to 400kbps
$16/concurrent users/month up to 544kbps

Maximum concurrency is the amount of users that can simultaneously access your broadcast. You set your maximum concurrency to meet your need. You will know how much you are spending on the service ahead of time. However as a StreamGuys customer you can adjust listener capacity at any time.

They designed their services to be used at maximum capacity for the full duration of the service period without negatively affecting the cost or performance of your service. All of their services include a live account manager as well as 24-hour emergency support.

To broadcast over the Internet you will need an on-line computer with the appropriate software installed. The required software for Internet broadcasting is available for free on the Internet.

StreamGuys are ranked in the top 10 streaming providers as ranked by Arbitron. They serve over 20,000 listeners simultaneously, and serve about 600 broadcast stations globally. Customers are spread around Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Guyana, Jamaica, Anguilla, Venezuela, Northern Ireland, Nicaragua, Singapore, Guatemala, Canada and Meppel. The biggest areas they sell to are USA, Netherlands, and Germany.

PO Box 828
CA 95521

Tel: 00 1 (707) 667 9479 (to dial from UK)
Fax: 00 1 (707) 516 0009 (to dial from UK)


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