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RadioFeeds TraySaver

What is the RadioFeeds TraySaver?

RadioFeeds Traysaver is a little program that sits in your system tray. RadioFeeds Traysaver is a great way of keeping the RadioFeeds website available at your fingertips, without cluttering up your taskbar with the many browser instances you're probably already using! When you boot up, RadioFeeds Traysaver can be made to run in your Windows System Tray, and can be accessed instantly at the click of a button. The RadioFeeds website will then pop up in its own dedicated window. When you're done with it, just minimize or close the window, and it will be hidden from view until you request for it again.


Advantages of RadioFeeds TraySaver over RadioFeeds in your favourite browser include:

Freeing up some space on your taskbar, that might be taken up when using your own browser.
No need to enter the address or open up the favourites menu, every time you want to access the RadioFeeds website.
Remember: You can decide whether you'd like RadioFeeds Traysaver to load up every time you start up your computer or just when you tell it to.

RadioFeeds Traysaver works most ideally with permanent connections to the Internet, e.g. Broadband/LAN, but dial-up connections can also be used.


Free RadioFeeds TraySaver Download

RadioFeeds Traysaver is currently available as version 1.0. If you would like to download a copy of this program, then please register by sending me an email via the FEEDBACK FORM, stating that you'd like to register for the TraySaver.

If you like it, then please tell us! We would love to have your comments published on this page.

Please send all bug reports, issues and comments to me via the FEEDBACK FORM.


Release history:

Beta Version 0.2 Known Issues:

-There is currently no option to let RadioFeeds TraySaver load on Windows Startup. However, we suggest you do it manually for now by dumping a shortcut into the Startup folder of your Start Menu.
-Slightly jagged tray icon
-No BACK button. Use the backspace key on your keyboard for now (Update: Backspace doesn't work).
-Pressing F5 does not refresh site
-Does not open as minimized.

Beta Version 0.3 Fixes/Improvements:

-F5 and backspace now works, as well as CTRL-F for find.
-"About" popup box shows on top of traysaver.
-Possibility to load minimized, using command line.

Version 1.0:

-Public release of 0.3


Important Notice: RadioFeeds UK cannot accept responsibility for any disruption, damage and/or loss to your data or computer system that may occur while using this software, or the programs and data on it. Consult your network administrator before installing this piece of software on a networked PC.